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June 28, 2008
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KH Rise of the New Order Cover by TheLegendaryKeyblade KH Rise of the New Order Cover by TheLegendaryKeyblade
Yeah, I’m a HUGE Kingdom Hearts fanatic, aren’t I?? :XD:

So, you were expecting the next episode, huh? :rofl: Nope, sorry. So far, I’ve only gotten about half of it done; I’m at the part where Sora talks to Yen Sid, asking him what’s been going on. So I’ll start finishing it off right now before this month ends. You know why? I’m going to San Diego for July 4th! GOING TO SEAWORLD!!! :headbang: So, I’ll probably be offline for about 3 to 4 days, alright?

So anyway, as you can see here, I did a quick sketch and designed a good cover for my story “Kingdom Hearts: Rise of the New Order” but I don’t think I plan to color this. Sorry if it’s a bit sloppy, all I used was a simple piece of paper and a mechanical pencil. It’s a new KH story with many more “hot” guy characters for you (fan girls) to admire, and more Organization female characters to bash for no reason whatsoever!! (Nah, just kidding, but...yeah...^^;) And this is also my very first time ever attempting to draw the Disney characters you all know. Sorry, Donald and Pete didn’t come out so good, I have difficulties drawing ducks and I sort of screwed up with Pete’s head. I guess Mickey looks alright, though. And I apologize if Maleficent (yes, she’ll make an appearance in my story) looks kind of crappy and...OLD O_O, but I DO like how Goofy came out. He looks pretty happy. =)

At first, I only intended to draw nothing more than a simply doodle of the guy at the top left (the one with the four swords and the devious grin on his face), he was the very first one I drew, but then...I started drawing more stuff and other guys in coats too and I thought, “Hey, maybe I could make myself a cover for my story.” And so, I did here. At the top, I ended up drawing a whole bunch of people in coats. They don’t have names yet (except for the spiky-haired girl at the very back with her flaming palm, her name is Alexis) nor do they have any specific backgrounds. You might be familiar with the big guy with the flames on his coat, AND his big axe. He was featured at the end of Episode One. And at the very top middle, I drew the Neo-Organization’s new base: a massive floating fortress in the sky (which is five times larger than Organization XIII’s castle), and just in front of a very familiar heart-shaped moon. It is said that their base’s definite location has not yet been confirmed (Ha! Good luck finding it, Sora! :P). There are also some small islands floating along with it too.

And now at the bottom, you can see our favorite main characters in the center: Sora, Riku, and Kairi, who will all team up together in a party once they set off in their new adventure. Both Riku and Kairi are holding their Keyblades, and no, I don’t give a Dusk’s ass about what you think about Kairi’s Keyblade! That thing was already hard enough to draw and all I had for a point of reference was this googled image here: ([link]) And I actually like it! (Don’t judge me) And don’t you (fan girls) just like how dark and mysterious Riku looks? What could he be up to?? I think Kairi came out fine, but I’m not exactly happy with how Sora came out. I don’t know—it could be his eyes...something just doesn’t seem right about them...And along with them are some familiar and loveable Disney characters that you may have come to know, such as Max Goof (Goofy’s son), Goofy, Donald, Pluto, Pete, Maleficent, and Mickey. I included Max in the picture too, but I’m still not entirely certain if I want to include him in my series or not. Would you recommend having him in there?? And above Donald and Goofy are three dark monsters (these are the ones that attacked Sora and his home), I like to call them “Stalkers” (If you’re seen the screenshots from “KH: BBS”, then you may be familiar with these guys). And there are also Dusks and Shadows on the sides.

P.S. Can you identify the hooded person at the top right side? (Hint: He’s slightly exposing some of his spiked hair.)

Okay, I’m done. ^^; But man, the picture’s SO busy!


P.S.S. Can you spot all of the following cartoon characters outside of Kingdom Hearts within this cover?? If you do, I’ll give you a cookie.


Well, not really. =D Anyway, here’s the list:

1. Kirby from several Nintendo games, and Kirby Right Back At Ya!
2. Peter Griffin from Family Guy
3. Spongebob from Spongebob Squarepants (duh)
4. And finally there’s Cosmo from Fairly Odd Parents
5. Not a character, but can you spot a small message around here? It says “Damn straight.”

I know I’m crazy and random, and these guys don’t belong in my cover. Sometimes I don’t take things seriously. Okay, you can sue me now. :XD:

Please leave me a comment. This took me three days to complete, and my wrists are killing me! :XP:

Kingdom Hearts (c) Square Enix and Disney
KH: Rise of the New Order (c) Me
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tala2lakota Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2010
The first thing I saw was cosmo and I was like OMGWTFBBQ?
Anyways, that's pretty cool(:
supervanman64 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, that's a lot of detail.

And lol at Peter Griffin being there.
"Who are you people?" XD
lossylolly Featured By Owner May 27, 2009
Thats so awesome. :D
Thank you.
BondlessHero Featured By Owner May 10, 2009  Hobbyist
Wow this is amazing! Keep it up! Nice work/drawing skills!
Thank you very much!
Greed-kun Featured By Owner May 3, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
By far the best part of this is Peter Griffin!
TheLegendaryKeyblade Featured By Owner May 5, 2009
Really? Thank you.
Greed-kun Featured By Owner May 5, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
Family Guy Rocks! Though not enough of these Kingdom Hearts pieces have the Disney Villains! It's always "Aww, the Organization boys are hawt!""SoraXRiku yaoi! Even though by canon, it's impossible!"

I just want a piece where the Disney villains from both games are all together!
Manik360 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
OMG! Good use of all the characters! Sweetness!
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